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Police Clearance Certificate
A Police clearance certificate issued by The South African Police Service is an official document reflecting an individuals record of good conduct, free of any criminal convictions or a list of misconduct as convicted in a court of law.
The certificate is valid for a period of twelve months, however the party requesting the document may require a more recent issue.
The clearance certificate does not reflect any outstanding traffic violations, civil debt judgements or expunged criminal convictions.

Why is a certificate required ?
Application to have previous criminal or juvenile convictions expunged.
PDP divers permit.
Security requirements for employment applications.
Immigration & emmigration.
Foreign visit and study visas.

What is required from me ?
A full set of fingerprints taken at the nearest SAPS station.
The applicants full name, date & place of birth, identity no must be reflected on the fingerprint form.
A copy of the applicants ID document or passport must accompany the application.
If a clearance certificate is required in your maiden name a copy of marriage certificate is required.
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